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Our Mission Is

"To inspire one million consultants every year to play a BIGGER GAME in their business, to WIN every day and to be more PROFITABLE than ever before, so they can contribute and change society for the better."

Most consultants I speak to believe that it’s their marketing that isn’t working, that they aren’t getting new clients because they haven’t mastered FB ads or SEO or Google Pay Per Click or Networking Events or Referrals or ...

The list goes on

They believe that a marketing person or a specialist in one area is the answer, to only find out that’s it’s another wasted $15,000, $20,000, $50,000 to have a quick hit, but still end up in the same position a year later.

Most consultants I speak to, know that growing their business shouldn’t be as hard, as what it seems. That there must be this secret formula!

And… there is…

But it has nothing to do with your marketing, your service offering or your systems.

The so called secret, that all successful businesses use to grow their business, is human marketing and the relationships they create, keep and evolve.

They stand out, they strive to be more Remarkable than everyone else, they make prospects, clients, team members, everyone around them feel a particular way and in return their business grows off the charts.

We call it being Remarkable to be Profitable to be Impactful through Human Marketing

Consultants all over the globe run to us to become great at “Human Marketing

There is no one better, anywhere on this planet, in showing consultants how to get more referrals, use their networks more effectively, leverage through partnerships, retain clients for longer and turn them into walking, talking, ranting, raving billboards by understanding how humans work.

When you combine marketing principles, with neuroscience, human biology, brain chemicals and the primal laws of attraction,  it provides a powerful combination to sky rocket your business growth.

I truly believe that it’s consultants, business owners, entrepreneurs that change the world for the better, to make an impact, to transform other people’s lives and create a ripple effect throughout society.

I believe that business is there to make another person’s life better and your product or service is just the vehicle.

I believe that every consultant should be more remarkable, profitable and impactful than they were yesterday. In fact it’s our duty to be so!

I believe that we are in business to become as wealthy as we can, because then we can contribute, give and help those less fortunate in so many more ways.

I believe that all consultants should be a conduit of wisdom, not a thought leader or so called authority, but a SAGE.

I believe that we should be an inspiration and inspire our clients to be the hero in their journey, so they too can contribute to changing the world for the better.

We created our organisation with one clear vision in mind…

To inspire consultants around the globe to be more remarkable, profitable and impactful in their business.

To be a SAGE and inspire their clients to transformations they didn’t think were possible.

I believe we all need a tribe of high level, like-minded people, who want to smash it out of the park every day, that want to be challenged, be pushed and be inspired.

Together we make so much more impact than when we are alone.

I’m honoured to work with amazing consultants around the globe, that want to make a real difference, to grow and be more profitable, but most importantly want to be that inspiration and conduit of wisdom for everyone else.

Over the next 12 months we will…

  • Provide 100,000 impacts in the year to help underprivileged children & rescued animals and make the world a better place
  • Help 3 consultants to a 5 million dollar plus a year business
  • Help 10 consultants to a million dollar plus a year business
  • Help 20 Consultants to a 1/2 a million dollar a year business
  • Help 50 consultants to a 1/4 million dollar a year business

This is why we attract amazing consultants into our tribe, because we are so passionate about why we exist in business.

Relationship Marketing + Neuroscience + Brain Chemicals + Human Biology = "Human Marketing"

We are known around the globe as the #1 authority on referral marketing systems and helping service providers to grow their business through referrals, their networks, partnerships, retaining their clients longer and turning them into walking billboards... But it is so much more than that!

When you understand human behaviour and how our brain operates, like we do. Then you add the marketing aspect, communication, language patterns and influence. You can start to see why there isn't anyone better in the world at what we call 'Human Marketing'.

But... What we do 'really' is so much more powerful and impactful than words could describe.

Our programs help consultants to create Remarkable Businesses, to create Profitable Businesses and to create Impactful businesses that make positive changes in society

For most consultants they believe it's about getting more sales, more clients, more leads, more, more and more.

But they still end up broke, they still end up putting out fires, they still end up chasing their tails.

They believe that if they are good at what they do, then clients will just come to them.

They believe that if they can fill their pipeline then everything will be sorted.

How WRONG we can be, when we just don't know!

  • Business is about taking risks and standing out (we call it being remarkable, not just very good)
  • Business is about finding a core group of clients that will go and sneeze all over other people about your service
  • Business is about taking profits and getting paid a dividend every quarter (not just a wage or director fees)
  • Business is about growing and filling your pipeline through sustainable strategies and understanding how to create tribes
  • Business is about causing this ripple effect in society and creating positive change and impact
  • Business is about you reaching your own goals, because deep down that is why you started a business in the first place

The bottom line is, business isn't just about doing a good or very good job. Business is about making an impact and creating this burning desire within yourself to be better than everyone else!

Welcome to our world!

A Few Things You Can Do Straight Away

If You're Looking For Some Simple Strategies To Get Referrals and Grow Your Business, Grab The Game Plan

Click Right Here

There’s a reason the world’s best consultants call Michael “The Referral Guru” – as he is one of the most influential and represented trainers working anywhere in the world today within the business growth, referral marketing and client retention space.

Since 2013 he has been implementing the unique "9 Referral Profit Accelerators" as part of The Million Dollar Referral System into businesses all over the globe, helping them to:

  • Stand out from their competitors and be truly remarkable
  • Be profitable from day #1 and be paid a profit dividend every quarter
  • Be more impactful on society in a positive way and leave a legacy

We Know How To Be Remarkable, Be Profitable & Be Impactful

How To Work With Us

The Partnership Club

This is our flagship program for service providers that want to create a bigger impact and leave a legacy. This is more than just growing your business and getting new clients, it's about being a thought leader and creating a ripple through society with what you do.

Find Out More About The Partnership Club Here

The Referral Coach

Bring the #1 referral training and systems into your own tribe as we become the referral coach for your community. We become part of your team and work with you to create a program that allows your clients to get more referrals and thrive.

Tailored Individual Programs For Your Organisation

Sometimes there just isn't a fit with our Partnership Club tribe, so there is no point you being in there. If this is the case we have a number of tailored programs that will suit turning your organisation into a Human Marketing Machine

"Changing The Way We Do Business"

Having created 7 business and selling 6 of them in the past decade,

Michael has quickly become the #1 authority on referral & partnership marketing around the globe.

I love teaching people and businesses how to build referral teams, use their networks more effectively and get partners to fill your sales funnels for you. 

I love showing people how to do, exactly the same thing as what we do in our business each day to generate over 150 leads each week, without paying a cent for marketing.

If you are part of any networking group, referral group or association then you are leaving 70% of the opportunities on the table. 

Here is your chance to take your business to a whole new level, through using other people's networks, contacts and communities.

It's simple you "Don't Know, What You Don't Know" and after spending time with me you will see very quickly, hundreds of new opportunities every week to generate business that you didn't even realise were possible! 

Please connect with me on social media and be part of our amazing communities.

Book Michael As A Speaker

Having spoken all over the world and at many major business conferences over the past few years, Michael's dynamic approach and engagement with the audience ensures they are left dazzled and with their head spinning of new ideas.

Here Are Just Some Of The Organisations Michael Has Worked With


We Know How To Be Remarkable, Be Profitable & Be Impactful

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